Concert and Location Recording

I offer a mobile/location recording service for live stand-up comedy, live music recording and anything that is better captured outside the studio environs.
For live comedy or live music recording I offer 16 track multitrack recording with isolated splits from any and all stage microphones plus mics added for the room and audience. The set-up is fairly quick and the recording in no way interferes with the sound, set-up and flow of the live show.

I also offer a mobile studio set-up for artist looking to record music outside of a traditional studio. I've made records in cabins, barns, opera houses, hockey rinks, art galleries, living rooms and basements. If there's a room you really love chances are we can turn it into a studio in a matter of hours. Why lock yourself away in a windowless bunker when you could be making records in a cabin in the woods? 

Rates are reasonable. It's fun and (mostly) painless. Sounds good too.

E-mail for rates and dates.

Recording the FemBots "Calling Out" in a Sudbury basement 10 million years ago.

Pistol George Warren "Mindemoya" session. Fred's Camp, Manitoulin Island