Blast from the Past - parts 1 &2

My long lost, long dead band Hummer has finally been dragged into the future and onto the internets. Hummer were a short lived rock & roll band that existed in the lull between the Toronto indie rock booms of the early 90's and early 2000's. The band was made up of myself, Brian Poirier, Mark Hansen and Ron Hawkins. We released one record, made a second but didn't put it out and with the exception of a handful of shows existed mostly in our own imaginations. 
Brian and I started the bedroom recording project that would become FemBots during Hummer's last year ('97 I think). Mark joined Ron in the Rusty Nails.

You can find both of our long lost records in all the usual spots - Bandcamp, Spotify and the rest. Go listen to me learning to sing and sounding like I'm having an aneurysm.