FemBots - Back to the Junkshop

After a 10 year break for life, kids and other diversions my band is back in the studio making new music. We started at the beginning of December and tracked 5 songs over a somewhat relaxed weekend. This time around we're working live off the floor as a mostly acoustic quartet. Our old friends Nathan Lawr or Greg Smith round out the band on drums and upright bass.
It was a tight squeeze getting everything set up in my tiny studio but the results are sounding really great. My set-up photos are below. 
More to come....

    My station - vocals, guitar and piano
    Brian's world - acoustic guitars
The piano and acoustic guitar stations viewed from the drum area
Same as above with a view of the "control room"

Whitetails - Havin' A Time

Here's a great one that I mixed for the Buffalo NY band Whitetails. They tracked it themselves at home (and really nailed it) and I mixed at the Junkshop. Hopefully we'll hear a lot more from these guys. They're fantastic.

Matt Foy - Standard

Here's a new entry in my long series of collaborations with Matt Foy. This one was recorded to 6 track cassette (!) at Cosmic Dave's in Sudbury. Mixed and mastered at the Junkshop. As always, Matt wrote the songs on the spot in the the studio and played all the instruments.

The cassette 6 track used is a Vestax MR66 made towards the end of the cassette multitrack boom in late 80's or early 90's. It's a great machine that can give surprisingly good results. It's tons of fun too.


Howard Buckstien - King Of Mars

King Of Mars is Howard Buckstien's 7th record and his second collection of children's music. Although it's aimed at kids calling it children's music does it a bit of a disservice. Howard tells universal stories of growing up, birthday parties, bikes and breakfast and wraps them up with smart, funny lyrics and clever arrangements.
Howard and I have been making records together since the early 2000's. In my humble opinion this is his best work yet.

Guitars Alive - Latin Groove

Recorded live off the floor at Cosmic Dave's in Sudbury. Mixed at the Junkshop. Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House Of Miracles.