Dining Room = Drum Room. September 2011

A quick but great sounding session for the Heather Dale Band with Jim Casson on drums.

Cosmic Dave's Sound Emporium

Here we are back at Cosmic Dave's Sound Emporium in Sudbury Ontario working on a session for Jessy Brunette with Brian Dunn producing.

Pistol George Warren - Manitoulin Island, August 2011

The Junkshop mobile studio in action recording Pistol George Warren's second full length record at Fred's Camp on Manitoulin Island, northern Ontario. Seven days, seventeen songs.

Matt Foy - Instant EP #2, August 2011

At work with Matt Foy on our second EP collaboration (the Micromoog Dub EP was the first). Five songs written, recorded and mixed in two days. Matt did all the writing and playing, I did the recording and mixing.
Recorded at Cosmic Dave's Sound Emporium, Sudbury Ontario (and no, I am not Cosmic Dave).