Farm Crime Season 2 - Soundtrack by FemBots

Farm Crime Season 2 is now available to stream on CBC Gem. You can watch all 6 new episodes here.

As with season one Brian Poirier and I composed and recorded the score here at the Junkshop. Season one was recorded on a Tascam 488 cassette 8 track machine. For season two we moved up to a Tascam 238 (the Rolls Royce of cassette 8 tracks) and the Vestax MR66 (6 track cassette). Once tracking was done everything was transfered to Pro Tools for mixing and editing. 
Covid caused some heavy delays with this season. The production stretched over a year with lots of downtime followed by a frantic scramble of activity. Brian and I were lucky enough to have some fruitful sessions early on in the pandemic when we could still be inside together but some of the pieces had to be written by correspondence. Never our favourite way to work. Still, I'm quite proud of what we accomplished when just getting the season done and out feels like an accomplishment.