Guitars Alive Quartet - November 2018

Who are these mysterious, faceless men? What are they hiding?
Here are my mic positioning photos and notes from my first session with the virtuoso Guitars Alive Quartet making what will become a record called Latin Groove.
We recorded 12 songs live over two weekends at Cosmic Dave's in Sudbury. I mixed the record at the Junkshop and Andy Magoffin mastered it at the House Of Miracles.
Latin Groove will be released in June 2019.

U87 on Philip Candelaria's classical guitar.
Paul Dunn on steel string acoustic with an AT4050
Gary DiSalle's Princeton Reverb mic'd with a Shure SM59
Paul and the AT4050 again. The tape on the floor marks mic positions for acoustic and dobro guitars.
That's Gary off in the distance. Room mics in the foreground. 
Tom Linklater's bass amp mic'd with a Beyer M88
My cheat sheet with mic/player layout and signal chain notes.