Farm Crime Soundtrack - FemBots Reunion

After an eight year hiatus Brian Poirier and I revived our band (FemBots) to write and record the soundtrack for the CBC documentary series Farm Crime. After such a long break neither of us were sure if or how things were going to work. It was a little awkward for about three minutes and then we fell right back into things as if we'd never stopped.
We met for writing and recording sessions once a week (usually Thursdays) for about four months and were given the freedom to do whatever we'd like. Everything was recorded on the trusty old Tascam 488 eight track cassette machine and then transferred to the computer for editing and mixing. It was hands down the best, easiest and most fun soundtrack gig I've ever had. I wish they could all be so good.
We wrote a lot of music and have decided to keep going with our weekly sessions. I'm sure there's an album or two (or three or four) in there somewhere. Stay tuned for details as they unfold.

Farm Crime season one is now streaming. View it by clicking HERE.