I offer a mobile recording service built around a heavily modified 1975 Soundcraft 1S mixer and/or a rack of vintage McCurdy and Altec mic pre-amps along with anything else that will fit into the back of my station wagon. I've made records in cabins, barns, opera houses, hockey rinks, art galleries, living rooms and basements. If there's a room you really love chances are we can turn it into a studio in a matter of hours. Why lock yourself away in a windowless bunker when you could be making records in a cabin in the woods? 
Lately I've also been getting into multitrack concert recording and comedy records as well as recording an ongoing live talk show for podcast. Rates are reasonable. It's fun and (mostly) painless. Sounds good too.
Mobile recordings can be done to Pro Tools or 16 track tape (or a combination of both).
E-mail for rates and dates.

Recording the FemBots "Calling Out" in a Sudbury basement 10 million years ago.

Pistol George Warren "Mindemoya" session. Fred's Camp, Manitoulin Island