Matt Foy - åtte

Matt and I continue our long running collaboration on his new record åtte. It was written and recorded over 2 days at 6 Nassau in Toronto. As always Matt wrote the songs on the spot and played all the instruments. 
Before we started we had talked about how great it would be to make the record on tape. Unfortunately the studio only has a 2 track mix down deck. Never ones to give up we decided to record each element through one track of the tape machine to Pro Tools. Every element was recorded using a combination of three microphones - a close mic, a room mic and a far room mic. The mix of the three mics went to the tape machine and into the computer from the playback head. If you're a recording nerd and curious about the process there's a lengthy discussion of it here.
If you aren't a recording nerd and just want to hear the results you can listen below.